Civil and Dispute Resolution

> Civil and Dispute Resolution

Banking and Credit Recovery

Strong litigation in the area of credit recovery from different sources, seeking to optimize the results of receipt and liquidity, negotiating agreements, enforcing the execution of assets, with assertive and effective measures. Performance in favor of banking institutions or FIDCs with a view to improve the portfolio performance.

Civil and Commercial Advisory and Litigation

Personalized legal solutions for individual or corporate clients in any subject of Civil or Commercial Law, whether in the scope of litigation prevention or litigation, in the latter case acting in all Brazilian states in a very effective and strategic manner to better serve the client’s personal and commercial interests.

Business Law

Advisory and litigation legal advice involving transactions, contracts and corporate legal deals, of any kind. Proving advice in the acquisition of companies, due diligence, corporate changes, and shareholders’ agreements. Conducting contractual mapping, providing strategic legal solutions and expressive performance in disputes involving business issues.

Family and Successions

Legal advice on administrative and judicial procedures related to inventories, listing and sharing of assets, wills, marriages – property regime and pre-nuptial agreements, divorce/separation, alimony, custody and visit regulations, parental alienation, common law marriage, investigation of paternity, interdiction, guardianship, adoption and others related to the family nucleus and property succession regime.

Real Estate

Advisory and litigation legal advice in real estate matters, rights in rem and rights in personam, land divisions, reintegration of ownership and others. Assistance to administrators of condominiums with respect to collections of overdue payments, presence in meetings and other subjects related to utility companies. Issues related to the Rental Law (residential, commercial or shopping centers), evictions, renovations, indemnities and others that are necessary.

Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD)

Sancionada em 14/08/2018, a Lei nº 13.709/2018 - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD) entrará em vigor a partir de agosto de 2020, e se aplica a qualquer pessoa (física ou jurídica, de direito público ou privado, incluindo sindicatos e associações, com ou sem fins lucrativos) que solicite, tenha acesso, armazene e pratique tratamento de dados de pessoa natural (física), compreendendo desde o simples acesso aos dados de funcionários, fornecedores e consumidores, até o armazenamento, transferência, classificação, eliminação ou manipulação desses dados pessoais. Diante desta nova Lei, a Innocenti Advogados Associados, já reconhecida no mercado por oferecer as melhores soluções jurídicas aos seus clientes há mais de 36 anos, passa a oferecer o serviço de consultoria para adaptação às normas da LGPD. O trabalho é desenvolvido em fases, que compreendem: o diagnóstico, mapeamento, revisão e elaboração de documentos, treinamentos internos, dentre outros.

Private Pension

Advisory and litigation in open or closed private pension, specialized in issues involving the largest associations and pension funds in the country. Follow-up of specific legislation involving the matter and demands with general repercussion. Performance before the state courts, as well as before PREVIC and SUSEP.

Judicial Recovery

Expressive performance in all judicial recovery and bankruptcy matters, preventive and litigation advice to creditors (qualifications) or companies, according to the provisions of the Recovery Law. Together with the tax, labor, consumer and contractual law areas, there is the structuring and negotiation of judicial and extrajudicial recovery plans and monitoring of the work performed by the administrator.

Consumer Relations

Legal advice in the advisory and preventive field aiming at the adaptation of commercial practices to the rules of the Consumer Protection Code, as well as at the litigation level – in individual and collective actions – of consumer relations that are increasingly getting new contours due to the dynamism of online commerce, group buying, and all technology related to contemporary society.

Supplementary Health

Strong performance in the area of individual or corporate supplementary health, before the Common Justice, the Special Courts and respective Courts, as well as in the consultative scope, through monitoring and guidance on innovations and changes in legislation, as well as following-up procedures before the ANS – National Health Agency and the Public Ministry.

Corporate and Contracts

Legal advice for preliminary solutions and extrajudicial alternatives in contract, providing the client with an advantageous position in judicial and administrative demands. The purpose is to guarantee bigger protection to the company through the update of its contract base, causing reduction of risks and savings. Advice on various corporate contracts, shareholders and quotaholders’ agreements, corporate documents, commercial contracts and other related topics.

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